Meet the Twin Wranglers

We, Kim and Kari, are the Twin Wranglers - identical twin sisters. In our younger years telling us apart was a bit more difficult than it is now...the years have some how "creased" us differently. Still we look quite a bit a like. However, there are differences that did exist right from day one. Kim - the A twin is right handed, Kari - B twin is left handed, or more accurately, ambidextrous. For this reason we have always considered ourselves Mirror Image Twins and thus giving rise to our ranch name "Mirror KB".


Twin-ship is one of the closest partnerships that exists in the world. For us this means a lifelong collaboration of identical interests (horses and the love of all animals, photography, ranching, nature, and the old west....which lead us to a combined love for all things pertaining to Mr. Robert Fuller - our childhood idol.

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